In my day-to-day life, i continuously collect any visual elements. The only property must be that it interests me in a way. I seperate the element from its context and store it.

While the visual elements piles up, i blend and combine them in my head.

I then reconstruct the visual elements into a single image and print it so as to put it back into reality.

The connotation the viewer has with one or multiple elements within the resulting images influences the way he or she perceives the image. It is different for everyone. Of course, this is true for all images, but by removing all redundant and superflous information, the images depict an essential and fictional reality.

||description in progress||

90x66 cm, photoprint on lustre photobase paper. Editions: 5. Exhibited from september 10 - october 9, 2011 at Kunstliefde, Utrecht.